Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coverboy David

Homeboy David Hastilow graces the cover of the May 2007 Italian 'Surfers' magazine. Last December, David and four of his team mates from the Cabrinha pro team (Cameron Dietrich, Damien Leroy, Susi Mai, and Clarissa Hempel) toured the Caribbean on a yachting safari, checking out some of the top kiting spots in the region. The tour kicked off from David's home location at The Reef Kite + Surf in St Lucia and took the riders as far north as the islands of St Martin and Anguilla.
According to the magazine's website, the accompanying article is a 'Speciale Caribe, alla scoperta di 5 fantastiche isole dei caraibi' which we believe is an in-depth story about the copious amounts of pasta consumed by the pro team while visiting five fantastic Caribbean islands - but our Italian is not so hot, and the article might be about something entirely different.
David is sponsored by The Reef Kite + Surf.